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Matheson’s Pastured Poultry
$4 per pound approx.
5-7lb.s each


Matheson’s Naturally Raised Pork
1/8 Hog Package

17 lbs. total $85.00
Ham 1 (3-4 lb. roast)
pork chops 2x (2lb. package)
or loin roast 1 (3-4lb roast)
1 Shoulder roast (3-4lb)
bacon 1x 2lbs
Farmers Sausage 2lbs
Breakfast Sausage 1 lb
Lean Tender Pink Meat

Quarter Hog

34 lbs. total $175.00
Ham 2x (3-4 lb. roasts)
Bacon 5x (1lb. packages)
Loin Roast 1x (3-4 lbs. roast)
Pork chops 2x (2lbs. packages)
Tenderloin 1 lb.
Shoulder Roast 1x (3-4lb. roast)
Butt Steaks 2x (2lb. packages)
Breakfast Sausage 2x (l lbs. packages)
Farmer's Sausage 1x 11/2 lb.)



Half Hog

68lbs total $300.00
Ham 4x (3-4 lb. roasts)
Bacon 10x (1lb packages)
Pork chops 4x (2lb. packages)
Loin Roasts 2x (3-4lb roast)
Shoulder Roast 2x (3-4lb roast)
Spare Ribs 3 lbs.
Butt Steaks 4x (2lb packages)
Breakfast Sausage3 (lbs packages)
Farmer's Sausage 2x (11/2 lb packages)

Whole Hog

136 lbs total $550.00
Ham 8x (3-4lbs roasts)
Bacon 20x (1lb packages)
Pork chops 8 (2lb packages)
Loin Roasts 4x (3-4 lb roast)
Shoulder Roast 4 (3-4 lbs roast)
Spare Ribs 2x (3lbs packages)
Butt Steaks 8 x ( 2lb packages)
Breakfast Sausage 6 x (1 lb packages)
Farmer's Sausage 4 x (1 1/2 lb packages)