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Welcome to Matheson's home

Shelley and George Matheson have been farming with integrity and passion for over 30 years. Raising four children has lead to strong beliefs on providing food that is not only of great quality and flavour, but also of great nutritional value.

"The Family Behind the Farm - Proud Parents" on CBC News

From our Customers

Hi Shelley,

"We love the products we get from the Matheson farm. It's great to be able to buy local, and I believe the quality to be higher than what I can buy at the grocery store.
See you July 26!"



"I love Matheson Chickens ordering 20 + a year. Whether thawed or frozen, these chickens are delicious roasted. The bones make the best, healthy chicken broth.”

George and Shelley’s attention to detail in raising their pork and chicken is evident in the product and packaging you receive!

Yum, the chocolate honey is addictive. Some people just like to eat it from the jar.

Thank-you George and Shelley, great knowing the people who produce the food for my table.”

Teresa Ward